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County begins making payment back to funds, accepts low oil bid

Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Updated: 11:17 AM
Michele Longworth
After presenting an updated financial report to Tuesday’s commissioners meeting, Massac County Treasurer Dana Angelly explained to the board the first payment of $13,636 was made back to the Worker’s Compensation Fund and next week a  payment of the same amount would be paid back to the liability fund.
Two weeks ago, the county dipped into both funds to transfer a total of $300,000 to the county’s general fund to cover the county’s bills and payroll.  This week, after bills and payroll, the county’s general fund is back down to $11,636.  
Also included on the report this week is the $2000 that is being put into the courthouse renovation fund.  The commissioners want $2000 per week to be placed into the renovation fund.
Angelly said her office is busy finalizing the delinquent property tax list, which will be published in this Thursday’s edition of the Planet.
The commissioners shared with Angelly a letter written by Massac Circuit Judge Joe Jackson, pertaining to the hiring of Cord Whittig as the new Massac County Public Defender.  According to the letter, the official salary for the public defender is $56,000.
Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder brought his list of weekly expenses and also explained two issues that will incur some cost.  He explained the back flow valve on the Sixth Street side of the detention center has failed. Holder said the back flow valve is connected to the fire alarm system and assists in feeding water into the sprinkler system.  It was put in at the same time the building was constructed, so it is about 27 years old.  The cost to replace it will be about $5000 to $6000.
According to Holder, he has talked to Massac County State’s Attorney Patrick Windhorst, who said the expense would not be considered a “budgeted item,” therefore the funds to pay for it could be taken out of that fund.  He said the part has been ordered and a company from Marion do the work.  The commissioners had no objections to the money being taken from contingencies.
The other issue he spoke about was the extradition of a prisoner in California who was involved in a fatal accident near the eastbound on ramp to Interstate 24 two years ago.  Holder said he will pay the U.S. Marshals service $2500 to fly the prisoner to Mid-America Airport and he will send deputies to the airport to pick up the prisoner and transport him to Massac County.  He said the cost of that would be cheaper than sending a couple of deputies on a commercial flight to pick him up.
The only action taken at the meeting came when Massac County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac told the board he held an oil letting last Thursday, with two bidders - Marathon and Heartland. Marathon submitted the lowest bid on three types of oil.  The main oil type the department uses will be $1.989 per gallon, which Matesevac said is up 38 cents from last year’s price of $1.625 per gallon.  The other two types of oil the department uses are both $1.999 per gallon.  The commissioners approved a resolution accepting the low bid from Marathon.
After most of the county business was conducted, the meeting was open for public comments, and the only person at the meeting was Craig Lundin, who was at the meeting two weeks ago to share his thoughts and concerns about the renovation of the courthouse.  He told the commissioners he had gotten a copy of the proposed 2017 budget to educate himself about the budget.  Lundin asked if the board had given any more thought the proposal he gave two weeks ago.  Commission Chair Jerel Childers said the board has been in communication with the engineer from RQAW and the county hopes to get started with tuckpointing and roof replacement soon.  Lundin said he noticed the commissioners have budgeted $100,000 for courthouse renovations.  Childers told Lundin he is welcome any time to visit the board meetings.

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