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County commissioners place proposed 2017 budget on display

Thursday, February 09, 2017 - Updated: 9:19 AM
Michele Longworth
After several months of looking at departmental budgets, Massac County Commission Chair Jerel Childers and Board Secretary Jeff Weber approved a motion Tuesday morning officially placing the proposed 2017 budget on display for two weeks.  Commissioner Jayson Farmer was absent from the meeting.
The budget is available for viewing at the Massac County Clerk’s office.
Nancy Holt and Cheryl Manus, with Southern Seven Health Department visited the board meeting to share details about the fiscal year 2016, which ended on June 30.  Holt, the executive director for the agency distributed reports to the commissioners and went through the statistics for 2016.
Holt said the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program is one of the biggest programs in Massac County, pointing out there were 189 visits at the clinic and 22,716 WIC food instruments issued.
Manus spoke about the number of cases of communicable diseases, saying there were 17 cases of Hepatitis C last year.  She also noted there were 45 cases of Chlamydia, which was down from the previous year.  Even with the high number of cases, she said she is pleased with overall numbers and keeps a close watch on the communicable and sexually transmitted diseases.
She also said there was only one case of inactive tuberculosis last year, with a total of 345 TB skin tests performed.  Manus explained when people have an inactive case, they will typically be on medicine for six to nine months and at the end of treatment receive a chest x-ray.
Weber asked if individuals who need medications but might not be able to afford it would be able to use the funds from the county’s tuberculosis fund. Holt said normally an individuals’ healthcare insurance takes care of the costs, but in situations where that is not an option, the county’s T.B. fund could be used.
Holt also explained the Head Start program is still in operation and is currently located at the former First Baptist Church building.  Massac Unit One’s primary building suffered damage in last year’s July tornado and after the building is repaired, the Unit One board has agreed to donate the building to Southern Seven Head Start.  Holt said she hopes that in August or September of this year, the program will be back at the site of the primary building.  She also said Southern Seven hopes to obtain grant money to help make additional repairs and renovations to the building.
“We appreciate the support from the counties,” said Holt, saying the state is still not paying its bills.  “It’s been a rough year and a half.”  The Metropolis office, located at 1230 Commercial Park Rd., is still open four days per week and she is optimistic they could return to being open five days a week.
Massac County Treasurer Dana Angelly brought the weekly financial report to the commissioners that shows a county general fund balance of $61,145.  She told the commissioners she and Deputy Treasurer Judy Fitch will be going to Mounds this week to the Pulaski County tax sale to see how the Fike and Fike software operates.
Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder brought in a list of his bills, which he pointed out included one payment for the department’s new booking system.

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