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Hospital will discuss giving financial assistance to county

Thursday, April 06, 2017 - Updated: 12:40 PM
Areia Hathcock
Massac Memorial Hospital is the second organization to discuss assisting the county with finances related to the repairs to the Massac County Courthouse. On March 28, the hospital board gave approval for Rick Abell, who is the attorney for the hospital, to move forward drafting an intergovernmental agreement between the hospital and county to possibly help the county. The agreement will be presented and discussed at the next board meeting on April 25.
At the Feb. 28 meeting, County Commissioners Jerel Childers and Jayson Farmer, along with State’s Attorney Patrick Windhorst, were in attendance to make a presentation to the board. Farmer presented a request for assistance asking for a donation of the current portion of real estate property taxes the hospital receives and passed out information of repairs needed as suggested by the county’s engineering firm — RQAW.
The City of Metropolis has passed an agreement to finance the roof renovations and, according to Farmer, the next step in the renovations would be tuck pointing the building and replacing the windows so it will be “in the dry.”
Farmer’s presentation to the board was a “ball park” figure of $125,000 per year for 10 years from the hospital which would cover the next step.
No monetary amounts were discussed in open session on March 28 regarding the proposed agreement draft.
Following a recommendation of the executive committee pertaining to CEO applications, the board will interview one applicant — current Interim CEO Rick Goins — also at the next board meeting. Following the interview, the board will then determine if other interviews are needed.
For discussion, Goins announced there will be a webinar covering “Board Governance: A Legal Overview” and asked if the board would like to participate. Board member Carolyn Wills suggested they wait until there is a full board seated to participate. There are still two members that need to be appointed, which is the responsibility of the county board of commissioners.
Current board members are Board Chairman Paul Henry, Doyle Lewis, Dr. Bahrat Patel, Maxine Russell, Cheryl Vanderford and Wills. JOE ????
At the suggestion of Henry, Goins and Abell will send a letter to the county board with recommendations to fill those two spots.

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