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McDonald House Charities awards $3499 to MES teacher

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - Updated: 12:44 PM
Michele Longworth
Metropolis Elementary School teacher Amanda Kindle wanted new Chromebooks for her fourth grade classroom and posted her wish on an educational website geared to help raise funds for teachers.
Cathy Elliott, chapter director for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) happened to notice. After Elliott spotted the wish from Kindle, McDonald’s Charities stepped in and made it become a reality.
“It [the grand] fell into my lap,” said Kindle, who said she had received an e-mail from Elliott explaining Ronald McDonald’s Charities would give her the grant in the amount of $3499.
“The technology will enable each student to have personalized learning in classes, such as reading and math to reach his or her full potential by having more individualized instruction,” said Elliott.
On April 6, Elliott, along with McDonald’s Owner and RMHC Chapter President Mike Love, visited Metropolis Elementary School, where they visited Kindle’s co-classroom.  Kindle explained she and McKenzie Kirby both teach fourth grade classes, which were adjacent to each other only separated by a temporary wall.
That wall has been opened in order for the teachers to combine the classroom, which features a variety of seating options - from regular chairs and tables to wobble stools and exercise balls.
Metropolis Elementary School has a total population of around 560 students.  According to Kindle, her class did not have Chromebooks in her classroom.  She said she would have to sign up for one of two laptop carts in the school in order for students to have access.
According to Kindle, the students in the combined classroom will now have access to the Chromebooks without having to wait.  She said she and Kirby are able to co-teach the class and provide individualized instruction for each student to allow them to learn at their own pace.
Kindle also pointed out she participates and teaches with the after school program and those students will also benefit from the use of the Chromebooks.
“Seeing the students’ excitement for their new technology and learning how I is already having such a positive impact on their educational progress makes us very proud to be able to partner with Metropolis Elementary on this project,” said Love.
Elliot said each McDonalds store has boxes at the counter and boxes at the drive-thru windows for  customers to throw in loose change. The loose change collected from the stores goes to Ronald McDonald Charities, which donates money to charitable causes.

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