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Roofing company makes presentation to county leaders

Thursday, February 23, 2017 - Updated: 10:19 AM
Areia Hathcock
It was all about the roof at Tuesday morning’s Massac County Commissioners’ meeting, as the first item on the agenda was a presentation from Wayne Robbins, of Roof Commander.
Roof Commander has been in business for about 40 years. Robbins has been an independent dealer for Roof Commander for a year and a half.  He explained the process of putting on a flexible roof, which he said is like putting on a big rubber coating on the roof that would be heat shrunk to the walls and brick.
The seams would be covered with a special fabric and then followed by a spray coating that would cover the seams.
The roof he explained would have a Class A Fire and Class 4 Hail rating.
After listening to Robbins’ presentation, the board made no decisions and Board Chairman Jerel Childers said the commissioners are waiting on the engineer to see what he wants to do.
On a related note, Commissioner Jayson Farmer spoke about last week’s decision from the Metropolis City Council to pay for the cost of the courthouse roof.  “I want to thank the City of Metropolis for their donation they made to the county to replace the roof of the courthouse. I appreciate Mayor (Billy) McDaniel and the city council for approving that. I’m just very grateful. We want to recognize that,” he said.
Massac County Treasurer Dana Angelly told the board the tax sale will be held Friday, March 3 at 10 a.m.
She also said when taxpayers send in payment for taxes, if the payment is not correct — regardless of whether the amount is over or under — it is sent back via money order to the property owner.
Angelly explained a person who lives in Kentucky but owns property in Massac County, had not gotten notification about his incorrect payment before his name was published in the paper.
In this situation, Angelly said the property owner’s address on his original check was incorrect, and the money order came back to her office.
“This should have been a red flag.  A phone call could go a long way,” said Weber, who indicated calling property owners about incorrect payments would be better than sending out money orders to return their payment.
“We handled his stuff just like we did everyone else’s,” said Angelly, who said the current computer system does not allow for partial payments, only half or full payment. The new system with Fike & Fike will allow for partial payments, but will not be used until???????
County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac told the board  a bridge on Mermet Road that the county is soon replacing developed holes in the asphalt over the weekend.  On Saturday, the highway department filled the hole in with gravel.
Commissioner Weber asked Matesevac to look at the ditch on Belgrade Road, as someone is digging ditches and leaving pond-size holes in the ditches. The culverts along the ditches are too high for the “ponds” to drain.
Commissioner Jayson Farmer told Matesevac the corner property at Rosebud Road in Round Knob may be for sale and asked him if the highway department might be interested in purchasing the property in order to straighten out the road.
“That’s a lot of money for us — $7500 to $10,000.  I know it’s not a lot for the land, but it’s a large expense,” said Matesevac. Matesevac will look at the property to see if it is something the county should pursue.
Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder brought the board his list of past due bills.  He and the board discussed new federal training the Sheriff’s Department must have this April was added to Holder’s budget, but it was not added to the budget that is on public display.  The amount should be $2000 added to the deputies training budget and $1000 added to the jailer’s training budget.
Also at the meeting this week was county resident Craig Lundin, who has been to previous board meetings to express his views on the renovation of the courthouse and to offer his assistance to the board regarding the replacement of the roof.
“I want to know what may have been useful from my first proposal so I can know what I can do better,” said Lundin.
“The enthusiasm you showed,” said Farmer, who said he has hesitations that Lundin has never had this large of a construction job.
Lundin told the board he wants to make it easier for citizens to become better citizens and to bring their ideas forward.  He told the commissioner the city and the county leaders need to revamp how they treat citizens.  “I’m fearful that these people will never come forward,” said Lundin, who feels the younger generation is intimidated regarding coming forward to the local leaders.
“How are we ever going to get better if we keep spending more,” said Lundin.
He also urged the commissioners to look at becoming a five member committee.

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