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Be kind to one another and work together

Wednesday, November 09, 2016 - Updated: 1:36 PM
By the time you are reading this editorial, the nation will hopefully know who is the next president is, and we will know who the winners are here in Massac County and we’ll also have an outcome to the most heated issue — the 1 percent sales tax.
The Planet took an official stance in support of the 1 percent sales tax because we felt it was the most viable option for the county to receive additional revenue to fund the renovation of the courthouse.
No matter which way you voted, locally and nationally, the bottom line remains that in Massac County and as a nation we must all move forward to the future.  
We still have a courthouse that is the backdrop to thousands of tourists’ photos with the Man of Steel and it is time that something gets done to clean it up because right now the backdrop to all those photos is not a very pretty sight.  How embarrassing that thousands of tourists visit our town and the Superman Statue only to see the run-down courthouse behind it.
Today it is time we all get on the same page and start working together to tackle the challenges and problems this city and county have.
Now is the time for us all to ask ourselves what we can do to work together instead of being divided?  Metropolis is not Marion.  Metropolis is not Paducah.  It is Metropolis.  Instead of focusing on what Massac County or Metropolis isn’t, maybe it is time we all try to find the positives and focus on those.  
We think everyone could agree the county and city needs more economic development.  We need more industries and businesses.  Are city and county leaders doing enough to solicit new industries?  We would love to see is a quarterly, joint meeting between the Metropolis, Brookport and Joppa councils and the Massac County Board of Commissioners to discuss ways both units of government could tackle the issue of economic development.
It is a great thing when community events are held and people come out to support them.  We must point out a great example.  On Oct. 28, a Zombie Walk was held on Market Street.  There was a good crowd of people out to participate in this first-time event, which featured live music, free popcorn and cider.  We certainly hope this event can grow for next year.
This weekend will be another opportunity to experience what Metropolis has to offer with the Holiday Open House on Sunday.  Businesses will be open starting around noon giving shoppers a chance to do some early Christmas shopping locally.  Individuals also will have the chance to win $100 of Metro•Dollars from the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce.
This was posted on social media: Three ways to fail at everything = 1. Blame all your problems on others; 2. Complain about everything; and 3. Not be grateful.
I think we can all agree that we are grateful to be living in the United States of America, and even with its problems and challenges, most all of us are grateful to be living in this community, which has proven time and time again that when things get tough, we can all pull together for the greater good.
Take a look at how the community came together after the Brookport tornado, or in 2011 when we faced horrific, historic flooding or in 2003 when the tornado hit the northern portions of Massac County.  There are many other examples and instances that demonstrate how the community has rallied together.
There will be winners and losers, but let’s all remember to be kind to one another and work together to make our community a better place.

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