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Editorial: Massac County teens are Impacting our Planet

Thursday, February 23, 2017 - Updated: 9:46 AM
Over the past few years the Planet has brought readers stories about people or organizations that are doing good things and making a positive impact in our community.  This special series of stories we call Impacting Our Planet.
It might be an individual who is doing something good or inspiring or it may be a group of people or a civic organization that is making an impact.  Whatever the case may be, we are always on the lookout for more story ideas about people that are doing things that help better our world here locally.
Recently, we heard about a group of five teens that helped lend a hand to a couple with multiple health issues.  The husband has had a five-year battle with cancer, and his wife has diabetes and arthritis.  This is a couple that has donated to Massac County schools to various fundraisers for school trips and to Project Graduation.  They have donated their resources to the various fundraisers as an act of kindness to the students.
Winter was coming fast and the couple’s only way to heat their home was by wood. The teens made a few trips to the couple’s farm.  Their first visit was in October, and they spent about 10 and a half hours chopping wood, loading it up and taking it to the couple’s home where they stacked it.
The second visit to the farm was in November, and the third trip was in December, both of those times the five teens spent between five and six hours doing more of the same — chopping wood, loading it up and stacking it in the home of the couple.
After their visits to the farm to put in a long day’s work, they did not ask for anything in return.  Despite their individual activities and agendas, they made sure to make the time to help out a family in need.
Normally, in a news story, we would mention the name of the couple and include some quotes from them.  But, the information that came to us, did not mention the name of the couple.
The couples’ daughter explained how her father wanted the five teens to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to helping him and his wife with getting wood for the winter.  But, he is a proud person and did not want people to know about his battle with cancer.
The gentleman’s daughter explained how their help was a blessing to the couple.  She said the family is so grateful to these fine students of Massac for their kindness and hard work.
The teens were not a part of a big group or organization — they were just five kids taking the time to do something nice — paying it forward for a couple that needed help.
In today’s world with the divisiveness about everything from religion to politics and everything in between, it is refreshing to hear about a simple story like this — teenagers lending a helping hand.
In recent weeks there have been too many reports about people rioting or looting, which seem to be counter productive to getting any problems solved.  
But, right here in Massac County there are five teens who used their time and energy for something positive. If only there were more teenagers in the world like these.
We’re here to keep people informed about the hard news — from the council and commissioners meetings to the school board meetings and the police and fire reports; and the people news — society items, engagements, weddings, birth announcements, promotions, graduations.
But amidst all of that news, it is refreshing to be able to bring our readers feel good news stories that hopefully help to renew and restore faith in humanity.

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