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That’s right, Thursday

Thursday, February 02, 2017 - Updated: 9:44 AM
It’s Thursday and the Planet is out on news stands.
That’s right, Thursday.
We answered several calls on Wednesday from people wondering why they had not received their Planet.
For the past several weeks we have been running advertisements explaining that our publication day would be moving to Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.  We realize change is hard and when the community has been accustomed to receiving their Planets on Wednesdays, it will be a major adjustment for our readers.  But, we hope that it is a change that all of you will adjust to easily.
It will be a change for us here at the office in the way we prepare the news and get the pages ready to send to press.  Many people have asked why the change.  Every second and fourth Monday evening the Metropolis City Council meets.  On the fourth Monday, Unit One and Joppa Maple Grove school districts have their meetings.  So trying to write stories about the meetings on a Monday night or on Tuesday, which was our production day, was always very hectic.
Not to mention, the Massac County Board of Commissioners meet every Tuesday morning, so getting that story written on a Tuesday was always done ‘under the gun,’ so to speak.  Having so many meetings at the end of the month and trying to have stories written before Tuesday was just not the most ideal situation at times and having an extra day we hope will help us.
We’re adjusting this week to our new schedule.  But, no matter which day of the week the Planet publishes on, our top priority is to bring you the most accurate information possible and to keep this community informed of the issues and events that are taking place in the county.
Also, don’t forget that in addition to the Planet, we offer the electronic version of the Planet each week.  We have our Facebook page, which continues to gain new likes and follows, as well as our Twitter account — @MetroplisPlanet ... and yes, the second ‘O’ is omitted.
For people who might read a story about the Massac County Commissiners meeting in the Planet and wonder exactly what happened at the meeting, we also have our YouTube account where we have been posting the meetings in full so anyone who might not have been able to attend the meeting can see what took place.
We hope the shift from Wednesday to Thursday will not upset our readers’ routines too much.  We appreciate our subscribers, readers, followers on social media and our advertisers.
As always, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions that could help us improve what we do, we’d be glad to hear them.  Feel free to stop by our office or drop us and email any time.
We always want to hear from our readers.

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