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Ball competes in bowling sectional

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - Updated: 8:46 AM
Galen Shelton
The preparatory remarks that Dakota Ball got from his coaches and several other folks prior to his competing in the IHSA bowling sectionals at Camelot Lanes in Collinsville didn’t quite do the reality of things justice.
The sophomore who just took up bowling before this school year began fired a 1039 total, with a six game average of 173, in the Marion regional to advance on to Collinsville.
If you have any knowledge of the sport of bowling, you know that the Metro-East area is just an extension of the bowling hot spot of St. Louis.  
St. Louis is the home of the bowling Hall of Fame and birthplace of many notable bowlers. Dick Weber, son Pete Weber, Don Carter, Ray Bluth...the list is long and iconic.
This past Saturday’s event took on the look of a PBA tournament judging by the scores.
Ball improved his regional score almost 100 pins for a very nice, 187, six game average and an 1124 series.
That didn’t draw a yawn from the crowd as they witnessed some high school boys post scores that would cash in most PBA events.
The individual winner, Collin Korte from Highland, posted an amazing 1470 series for a remarkable 245 average. And his wasn’t the only 1400 posted.  Besides three series in excess of 1400 there were a double handful of 1300 series and a ton of 1200 plus totals.
Despite the overwhelming numbers, Ball said he enjoyed every minute of the competition and was glad he got to compete.
Mother Barbara Ball summed things up pretty well when she told me,  “Some of those boys didn’t get anything but strikes!”
Massac County’s girls team is winding down their regular season play and will bowl in the regional competition on Feb. 4 at Herrin Bowl in Energy.
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