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Lady Patriots win Centralia Soccer Tournament

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - Updated: 9:10 AM
Galen Shelton
Sports are all about distances. A football field is 100 yards long. It’s 60’6” to the pitcher’s mound on a baseball field. Golf courses are measured in thousands of yards. The Kentucky Derby is a mile and a quarter. A basketball goal is 10’ off the floor.  
But most coaches will tell you that sometimes the most important distance in any sport is the six inches or so between the athletes’ ears.
Brock Frazier, Lady Patriot soccer coach, has a new assistant this year, and the “newbie” knows a little about soccer. Frazier said he and assistant Tim Lawson talked early on about technical issues and concepts to their girls, and Frazier was proud to say that the things they stressed played out as the Lady Pats won the Centralia Invitational last week.
The week-long format ended for Massac with a Saturday 3-0 win over host Centralia for a 3-0 record and the tourney title.
The girls beat Gillespie 4-1, which was reported last week, beat Salem 3-0 and finished up with a 3-0 whitewashing of Centralia to take the title.
Frazier said that they made some mistakes early, but they weren’t too costly and improvement through the week was quick and dramatic.
The lone goal they surrendered in the 4-1 win over Gillespie was the only goal scored on the ladies in the tournament.
In the win over Salem, Madison Miller, Jessica Hunt and Taylor Herron each scored goals and in the Centralia win, Hunt notched two more and Taylor Williams scored for Massac’s three goals.
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